Data Usage, Advertisements, Costs

KeeAnywhere and me - the author - respects your privacy. I do not collect, store, transmit or use any of your data. KeeAnywhere is free from advertisements. You can use KeeAnywhere free of any costs or license fees.

Granting Access

To grant KeeAnywhere access for your cloud provider it is required to enter your username and password on the login screen of the cloud provider inside of an embedded browser window. The entered username and password is neither used nor stored in any way in any place. If you log in to your cloud provider and accept KeeAnywhere to access your data, a unique access token is created and transmitted to KeeAnywhere. This access token needs to be stored for loading and saving your files (especially you KeePass Password Safe Databases). The storage location and encryption level for this access token depends on you selection of the account storage location. Use ‘Local User Secure Store’ for maximum possible security. For most storage providers the access token has a limited validity and expires after a time period if not used. It is also possible to revoke access for KeeAnywhere in all cloud providers. For details please check documentation of you used cloud provider.